Where to Buy Manuka Honey in the USA

Manuka honey USA

This is the Manuka plant, one of the two types of blossoms that the bees use to make this wonderful honey.

Manuka honey is a special type of honey that is produced primarily in New Zealand. The bees produce this type of honey using the nectar that is obtained from two tea tree plants that are native to the country. The nectar obtained from the manuka and kanuka plants produce a honey that has a significant amount of nutrients as well as antibacterial properties that are very good for the body. If you happen to live in the United States, there are several ways to go about buying manuka honey USA and taking advantage of those benefits.

Check the Local Supermarkets


While most of the honey sold in markets owned by the larger chains is filtered, there are a few supermarkets that also carry pure a limited number of pure honey products. This is part of what is known as the green initiative in the grocery industry. If you have a supermarket near you that sells some organic produce and also carries other types of natural products, there is a chance you will be able to find manuka honey USA on the shelves.

When reading the labels of any manuka honey products you happen to find in the local supermarket, make it a point to check what is known as the unique manuka factor or UMF. Products with a higher UMF rating indicate that the honey has not been filtered and subjected to only a small amount of processing. This is the type of honey you want, since it will contain the greatest amount of nutrients.

Try Organic Supermarkets


If you have an organic supermarket in your area, there is a good chance you can buy authentic manuka honey USA from that market. Keep in mind the cost for the honey will be a little more in establishments of this type. This is because most organic food stores and supermarkets can not afford to purchase the large volumes of products that the more common supermarket chains can manage with ease. At the same time, organic supermarkets are more likely to carry products that appeal to niche markets of consumers. This is good news for you, since it increases the chances of having one or two different brands of manuka honey to consider.

Visit a Health Food Store


Since manuka honey USA is sold in glass containers and does not require refrigeration, you may be able to find this type of product in your local health food store. Many stores of this type will carry a line of household food products that serve as staples in the kitchen. When this is the case, you will usually find the manuka honey displayed along with other types of alternative sweeteners and possibly with products like bottles of apple cider vinegar.

Order the Honey Online


For people who search the area and can’t find a single retailer who carries manuka honey, or who just prefer shopping online, there is always the option of ordering the product online. There are a number of online retailers who carry different types of organic and natural products. Depending on the amount of honey you want to purchase, it may be possible to obtain a small discount or possibly enjoy a reduced shipping charge. Keep in mind that you may also have the option of ordering the honey directly from a New Zealand honey manufacturer, which may sound like a pain, but you know you are getting it from the source.

When ordering online, make sure to read the product descriptions very carefully. You want to make sure the manuka honey has not been infused with other ingredients such as additional sweeteners. Keep in mind that honey of this type does cost more than the purified honey sold in the local supermarket and the taste will often be much stronger. At the same time, you can usually use less of the honey when baking or sweetening your tea or coffee, something that is good for your health in the long run.

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